Friends Television Show

The television show Friends is a comedy about a group of six friends that live in New York and learn to make their way through life and learn what growing up is about.  It emphasizes that they would not be able to get through any of their obstacles, that come naturally with life, without the help of their friends.  Each one of them plays their own specific role within the group.  This type of television show appeals to a young, middle-aged demographic. The target demographic for this show is called the Young Influentials. They are younger than 35, with a midscale income, don’t have children, rent a house, are college graduates and are often preoccupied with their work and leisure activities. This group of people enjoy having a good time and generally have a care-free lifestyle. These individuals order from Orbitz, attend NBA games, read Vibe magazine, watch Family Guy and drive a Mazda 3. These individuals are able to relate to the situations going on in the show and can compare them to their lives.

The interests and activities of this group is that they are very dedicated to their work but make time for their hobbies and other fun activities.  They don’t take like too seriously and are looking to have a good time.  Along with their laid-back lifestyle, they tend to be fairly successful and happy with their current life situations.  For fun these type of people enjoy spending time with their friends and experiencing thrilling situations with a group.  During their down time they enjoy going amusement parks, going to dinner with others, going to the movies, attending or participating in sporting events, paintball and other activities that involve other people.  When they are at work they are very driven and dedicated to what they are assigned.  They tend to be a little more creative than others and excel in situations which involve thought and creativity. This group is expressive through their everyday attire. They still pay attention to current trends but are not afraid to express themselves. Some media outlets they use is the internet and television. They spend time surfing the web and watching tv when taking a break from their active lifestyle. They enjoy sitcoms and also checking up on their friends via various social networking sites.

This show has a humorous, entertaining and fun brand personality.  The show presents situations that people can relate to but do it in a light-hearted matter and often exaggerates aspects of the situation. Each one of the friends bring a different personality to the show, creating a chaotic, yet functional friendship among the six characters. All the different personalities in the show help the audience relate to the different things going on throughout the 10 seasons this show was aired. The target audience is attracted to the show due to the humor and lack of seriousness it represents.

Features and Benefits of Blue Boys


Our new television show Blue Boys is a show targeted at elderly men that have a good sense of humor.  This show is about men that escape their everyday lives by hanging out with each other and by doing “manly” things. During this time they complain about their wives and other things they are not fond of in their marriage.  This show fits the demographic better than other shows because it a humorous show, with realistic but exaggerated situations. This show appeals to older men because they can watch the show and laugh about the different jokes dealing with marriage. Since the majority of males that we target with this show are retired, this show will provide them with something to watch throughout the day that doesn’t have to do with the negative things that have been going on around the world. This show will help them get away from all the more serious issues going and and provide them with some entertainment.  Each character in the show has their owen baggage that they bring along and it adds to the mood and entertaining aspect of the show. This show stands out from the rest the shows that this demographic may watch due to the plots they pick and the way they present them. Benefits of watching this show is that they get to enjoy a show with an entertaining, funny and relatable plot.


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